Which Tools Are The Best To Find Emails From LinkedIn Profiles?

What Is a LinkedIn Email Finder?

An email finder for LinkedIn is a tool that allows finding personal or business email addresses online from various LinkedIn profiles without getting blocked in a structured format. These tools not only scrape emails but also contact information like phone numbers, connections, skills, experience, etc.

What Are The Best LinkedIn Profile Scrapers?

Are you looking for an Email Scraper for LinkedIn but confused about which is the best one for your business needs? Then, you are at the right place! Finding an email address from LinkedIn is often a difficult task. With numerous seemingly similar options on the market, it’s hard to choose one best LinkedIn Scraper. Often you know exactly whom you want to contact but you don't have enough information to contact. To make your search easier, I've scoured the web for the top LinkedIn Email Scraping Tools.

1.     LinkedIn Lead Extractor

This tool lets you build a prospect list from LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It is made for both programmers and non-programmers. With LinkedIn Profile Scraper, you can email, phone number, connections, current job, and other contact information from a LinkedIn profile.


·       LinkedIn Data Extractor has many search filters, such as single and bulk email search based on names, single and bulk profile search, and company profile search.

·       Most used LinkedIn Email Scraper to scrape relevant and active profiles email addresses from LinkedIn.

·       Ability to find a full prospect profile, including the name, LinkedIn profile URL, location, job position, skills, and information about the company

·       Support XLSX, CSV, and Txt formats.

·       Zero codings is required to use it and you can get data from more than 800-1000 profiles in a day.

Linkedin Profile Email Finders

1.     LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor

This is a highly popular and simple LinkedIn Email Grabber available for everyone who wants to scrape companies' emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator without any programming knowledge. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Email Extractor allows you to hunt for emails of all professionals from LinkedIn Sales Navigator with ease.


·       LinkedIn Email search by person name or a company name that provides an email address of any professional from LinkedIn.

·       Single and bulk profile search that helps find email addresses with other complete profile details.

·       You can find an email address from LinkedIn Company Page or Profile by name, profile URLs, location, and zip codes.

·       You also have an export button in the software to save extracted data in CSV, Excel, or Text files.

2.     LinkedIn Company Scraper

By using this LinkedIn Contact Extractor, you’ll be able to find profile details, qualify them effectively, build a strong business email list and phone number list, engage with them via email, and call instead of the frustrating LinkedIn InMail system.


LinkedIn Email Extractor will find, verify, and save the email leads and phone leads with enriched data, including name, position, company, experience, etc.  

·       Point and click interface.

·       No complications.

·       Everyone can use it easily.

·       Enter a person or company profile name and instantly find the contacts that are right for your business.

·       Find personal and business email addresses from specific companies by LinkedIn profile URLs.

·       You can export data from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator to Excel, CSV, or Text files.

I hope, this information helps you to determine which email finder is the best for you and your business.

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