How Can I Scrape Business/Customer Data From Google Maps?

Google Maps is one of the major platforms people search for business, restaurant, hospital, or any other place.

Now more than ever, it’s vital that your business is listed in Google Maps because that’s where everyone goes to find local businesses. The introduction of the Google Maps directory has made searching for local businesses easy and swift. Interestingly, it also opens up opportunities for marketers to quickly collect business information from Google Maps.

Unfortunately, it does not come easy. After all, Google Maps wouldn’t willingly allow any random person on the Internet to scrape data. You will have to extract it yourself, and when you need to extract thousands of business listings, doing so manually won’t be effective and efficient. You will need to do so via Google Maps Scraping Tools. Despite all of the old business directory websites, Google Maps is the most valuable source to find and collect business information. If you at all rely on business data it is important to have a Google Maps Data Extractor at your command.

What Is The Best Google Maps Scraper In 2021?

If you are looking for the best web scraper for Google Maps then luckily you found it. The Google Map Extractor is the most used web scraper from the previous 5 years and has the number 1 position on Google with 3.8 ratings. The Google Maps Crawler downloads the data of the business listing without writing a single line of code and saves it in an accessible format for the user. When it comes to the choice of web scraper for scraping Google Maps Businesses, you can either develop one for yourself or use an already-made one in the market. Generally, only coders can develop a Google Maps Contact Extractor as developing one requires coding skills since they are written in computer programming languages. If you do not know how to code and build a web scraper, then the best option for you is to make use of an existing Google Places Scraper.

The Best Google Maps Scraper In 2021

What Are The Some Special Features Of Using Google Maps Extractor Software?

No doubt, Google Maps is the ideal way to collect business and customer data in this modern age. There are many advantages to using a company’s licensed Google Maps Grabber Software developed by Ahmad Software Technologies ...

Provide Updated Business Information

The business scraping tools save, above all, time and effort and provide high-quality data. You can obtain relevant, up-to-date, and active business listings data with Google Maps Business Extractor without any programming skills. As you know, there are millions of businesses on Google Maps, so it is not an easy task to find and collect relevant data from Google Maps. However, you can easily do this task with Google Maps Data Miner in a few minutes.

Increase Sales & Revenue

You can increase your sales in a better way with a relevant and updated database. For example, through an updated b2b leads list, a company can get quick feedback from customers? This feedback improves the company's online sales experience as well as for users as well. Moreover, you can beat your competitor easily with Google Maps data.

Make More Potential Customers

You can scrape customer reviews and data from a business listing and in this way you can approach customers directly. When you have customer details for a specific country, state, area, or city, you can target them easily. You can collect data from Google Maps by Zip Code, Country Code, Area Code, etc. This will help build a strong customer relationship.

Export Data From Google Maps

Stop copying the details manually from Google Maps. Let Business Directory Scraper do it for you! Don't spend money buying old information from data-providing companies, use our web scraping software to get updated information from Google Maps. Do not copy-paste data to get the details of your potential customer, as the information can be extracted automatically using the Google My Business Data Extractor. Find, Scrape, and export business listings in the most common formats such as CSV, Excel (XLS), and Text.

Find & Get Data Globally

With Business Data Extractor, unlike any b2b leads finder, it allows you to search for companies in many countries around the world. The Google Maps Web Scraper can be used to collect all information from different Google Maps domains like,,,,, maps,, etc. It means you can collect data for any country, city, state, area, colony, street, all over the world that exists on Google Maps.



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The Best Google Maps Scraper In 2021